Friday, September 28, 2007

New Digs

Moved overseas to do some good for humanity.

BW and BD are here. Some adjustments to be made. Different culture. BW has sacrificed a full time job and a six figure salary to be a full time mother and back me up while I try to do something that might make a difference.

As for what that is, let's just say that there are people in the world who are counting on Americans and Arabs remaining ignorant of each other. They stoke the fires with prejudice, propaganda, milleniallist proto-Christian bullshit about Islam and racism. They scare the crap out of Americans with their "Muslim bogeyman" nonsense. They want every rube in a double wide think that the Muslims are just over the rise, comin' to get us. That way you'll keep voting for them and their "hate everyone not like us" philosophy, all the while they keep raping the treasury and sucking their tax cuts out of the veins of the middle class and the working class.

There are a lot of people telling lies.

There are a lot of people making shitloads of money perpetrating this fear.

And I'm going to do what I can to stop it.

That's all you need to know.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna be shooting my mouth off whenever I feel like it. Got a problem with that? Kiss my ass. There's a link up there that says "Next Blog". Move on.

But whether you stick around or bugger off, as always, Peace Out.


Jersey Cynic said...

You're back - P.T.L.!!!

you are my new hero SL - my inspiration. Let us know what to do next. I am so glad you are back to blogging.

Maybe you could help me work on a (pass it around) post that we could print out/e-mail/give to people so I can avoid looking like a nut when I approach them and start talking about what is going on right under our noses. When they get back from the mall, they are too darned tired to think!! I'd like to provide them with a one page hand-out kinda thing that just lists important facts and possibly web links to the real deal. Maybe we could call it "Bullets from the Blogosphere". I started one quickly last week to give to my daughter to give to her history teacher. He asked them in class on 9/11 "why do you think we were attacked on 9/11" she told me most of the class responded that crazy muslum people hate us and want to kill us. the teacher seemed to be fine with those answers/opinions. mine said she had doubts about the "official" story. teacher hushed her up pretty quickly and jokingly asked her if she thought that the kennedy killing was a conspiracy also -- ha ha ha. well, you can imagine my anger when I was scribbling out a page of "bullets" for him to consider. she never gave it to him, which, in a way I am glad. now I have time to gather some more AMMUNITION in a calmer frame of mind.

I'll start a post and maybe we could do a group blog effort.

BlondeSense Liz said...

Glad to see you're back. Stay in touch, keep us posted and we'll do what we can to spread the word and do whatever it is we can do here in the states.

Give our best regards to BW and BD.