Friday, January 4, 2008

2008 Comes In With A Bang

* *

Still trying to make a difference. Making some headway. A new President would help.

* *

It's scary how cut off you get from the noise of American politics overseas. Scary in a good way. You start to realize that no one gives a shit what the latest vile ad from candidate so and so is, and you start to wonder, why do we? You stop paying attention, and you discover that the world doesn't stop turning. And then you realize that when you aren't drowning in the shrilling howl of the MSM, you have time to look around and see the world. And to think for yourself.

* *

Glad Obama won. He's the right voice. He's what we need. He's what we will need to convince people to give us a chance to lead again. Oh, he'll make mistakes. But the world will have so much invested in having the U.S. succeed and NOT fuck things up, that quite a number of our friends will once again be able to come to our side. RIght now, we're fucking radioactive. There are leaders in the world who would actually like to work with us on the "where will we be in ten or fifteen years?" issues, but this admiinstration is so fucking radioactive right now, their own people would hang them from the nearest lamppost if they stand in the same room with Bush.

Someone tell Hillary to jettison Madeleine Albright. Having that useless portrait of Dorian Gray at her elbow during her "fucked that up, didn't we?" speech in Iowa reminds even Democrats of the things we didn't like about the Clinton years. (Yes, there were a few things...)

I'm thrilled that Huckabee won Iowa. He's unelectable outside of the "intelligent design" crowd, which leads to my wet dream: Huckabee gets Iowa, Romney gets New Hampshire, McCain takes South Carolina and Giuliani -- if he's still breathing -- maybe gets Florida. The Republicans will have no national candidate and deservedly wither.

New Hampshire: please -- make us proud. Give us hope. Take the leap. Do the right thing, take a chance, make the leap.

* *

I've lost 30 pounds and 100 points of cholesterol that I am better off without. BW has lost 20. BD is going to be one year old in a week. She's eating solids, walking, pointing, and growing like a weed. She's a beautiful, beautiful child. We're blessed. And sweet God, how time flies fast... I got good advice last month. Someone with grandkids told me the worst mistake he ever made was wishing for his kids to grow up so he could get his work done. That night, I turned off the CrackBerry.

Peace out.

Friday, September 28, 2007

New Digs

Moved overseas to do some good for humanity.

BW and BD are here. Some adjustments to be made. Different culture. BW has sacrificed a full time job and a six figure salary to be a full time mother and back me up while I try to do something that might make a difference.

As for what that is, let's just say that there are people in the world who are counting on Americans and Arabs remaining ignorant of each other. They stoke the fires with prejudice, propaganda, milleniallist proto-Christian bullshit about Islam and racism. They scare the crap out of Americans with their "Muslim bogeyman" nonsense. They want every rube in a double wide think that the Muslims are just over the rise, comin' to get us. That way you'll keep voting for them and their "hate everyone not like us" philosophy, all the while they keep raping the treasury and sucking their tax cuts out of the veins of the middle class and the working class.

There are a lot of people telling lies.

There are a lot of people making shitloads of money perpetrating this fear.

And I'm going to do what I can to stop it.

That's all you need to know.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna be shooting my mouth off whenever I feel like it. Got a problem with that? Kiss my ass. There's a link up there that says "Next Blog". Move on.

But whether you stick around or bugger off, as always, Peace Out.

Waiting In The Wings

I'm back.

Maybe. We'll see how it goes.

New place, new time, new circumstances, but probably the same old attitude.

Stay tuned...

...and Peace Out.